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Hospitality TV

Do you need to change hospitality televisions in your hotel (not just because of DVB-T2) and you are not sure how to deal with it? Do you need to get a hospitality TV solution for a brand-new hotel? Have you heard about a couple of different solutions but you are not sure which one is the right one for your hotel?


Nowadays, hospitality televisions are a basic standard. However, high-quality and reliable solution can cause a few difficulties. Especially in older buildings it could be a problem that we would be happy to sort it out for you!  

At the beginning, we recommend finding out which way the hospitality TVs could be connected into the system in your hotel.


  • television is connected through structured cabling (ethernet)
  • common solution especially in newer buildings
  • possible both-ways communication through interfaces between TV and PMS
  • perfect setting for Lynk Sinc/Lynk Reach and Fusion Platform



  • television is connected through standard coax cable
  • only one-way communication (PMS → TV)
  • Lynk Reach solution


IPTV over Coax

  • television is connected through coax cable over a special device that allows both-ways communication as in a case of IPTV
  • perfect solution into older buildings with IP cabling problems
  • no need of additional set top boxes and similar devices
  • Samsung Hospitality TV 694 Series has already got inbuilt cable modem
  • solutions Lynk Sinc/Lynk Reach and Fusion Platform


We would be happy to help you to find the right system your hospitality televisions would be working on from antenna points over head-end to televisions. The installation, configuration and following maintenance of such system is a matter of course.


We closely cooperate with Samsung and Hoist Group. Each of these companies offers several solutions that we can choose from according to your ideas and our recommendations for a specific hotel.


And to finish, just the sizes and models of your new hospitality televisions need to be selected. Contact us!


Our reference

In case you would like to have detailed reference please do not hesitate to contact us.