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Data processing and conversion

Need to import data across different applications? Can’t open a document from a client because you are using a different version of the application?


We process large volumes of data

Using advanced tools, we are able to provide effectively:

  • Data processing in case of hardware or software replacement or in the event of data conversion
  • Data imports and exports across databases
  • Data searches, filtering and sorting

We deliver processing output in line with the client’s wishes. We process data into presentations or reports and create clear tables and graphs.


Data conversion

If you have a problem with the data file compatibility, one solution is data conversion:

  • Conversions across multiple formats
  • From historical data carriers to modern media
  • From the historical programs to current formats

To convert data, we use a wide range of custom tools that allow us to convert between a wide range of different data formats.


Data conversion – across different formats

As new applications and new versions of programs are developed, data conversion is becoming an increasingly popular service. If the outputs from different systems or applications are incompatible, it is necessary to unify the formats and convert them to a compatible format.



Where required, we provide data processing and/or conversion for our clients.