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Protection against viruses and spam

The Internet today can be quite a dangerous place. Do you protect your PC enough?


Complete protection

We can help you select and ensure effective protection for your computer:

  • Analysis of the current situation and risk identification
  • Recommendation of antivirus and antispam solutions
  • Configuration and subsequent management


Virus writers and spammers constantly probe how protected your computer is

If they hit a weak spot, they will be attack, and you could lose control of your PC completely. Your computer can then be used for all manner of underhand activities, including crime.

Spam, first and foremost, is a nuisance to the user as it clogs up mailboxes. In some cases, viruses are spread via spam.

Although sending spam is illegal and can be punished with severe penalties, it continues to account for the vast majority of e-mails sent.


Antivirus and antispam solutions

The basic pillar of computer protection is a good antivirus and antispam program. Antivirus software can detect potential threats of viruses early, while antispam solutions protect users from annoying spam.

The range of antivirus and antispam programs available today is very broad. There are large differences between products in terms of both price and quality. There is no universal solution. When making your choice, it is always necessary to take into account factors such as the state of hardware, the possibility of central administration or the support offered by the producer.



We have a sound knowledge of the antivirus and antispam protection options. For our clients we arrange complete computer and network protection.