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Wi-Fi Monetization

Do you operate public Wi-Fi network? With the tool for Wi-Fi monetization it is possible to provide the offered network together with earning money and gaining more benefits for the operators business.


Enjoy tool for Wi-Fi monetization

Tool for the Wi-Fi monetization offers many advantages for all public Wi-Fi providers:

  • Connecting via homepage possible to use in different ways - offer other services, present current
        events or invite an user to become fan on social network
  • Possible to display external targeted ads and earn rewards for each view
  • Collecting contacts and other user information for later marketing use
  • Administration tool for creation and modification of homepage, ads, promotions, for campaign
        control, its managing of the display and altering

All of this is often possible without additional investment to purchase new hardware. This tool is able to operate with a device which is already used by the network provider.


Who can use this tool?

Everybody who operates public available Wi-Fi network and have visitors who want to be constantly on-line (hotels, cafes, convention or conference centers, shopping malls, airports and many more).



Wi-Fi monetization tool is used by many businesses of various size and from different segments. In case of interest in reference of a certain environment do not hesitate to contact us.