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Virtual private networks

Want to give your employees the chance to work from home or access data on a business trip?


Tailored VPN

We will oversee all aspects of the package for your company:

  • VPN designed to reflect company’s needs
  • Comprehensive project implementation
  • Configuration and subsequent maintenance
  • Consultancy and user support


VPN use

VPN is a solution that makes it possible to connect to your corporate network from anywhere. Your branches abroad and representatives in the field can use a VPN to access central server data as though they were in your office. All they have to do is connect to the Internet.


VPN benefits

Compared to other networks, the advantages delivered by a VPN are many:

  • The secure connection of PC stations
  • Interconnection of offices around the world
  • Desktop and e-mail access from anywhere
  • Cheaper, more efficient internal communications
  • Savings on hardware duplicity.


A VPN needs professional configuration

A poorly configured VPN poses a serious security risk to your network, so you should leave configuration exclusively to true professionals.



The benefits of a VPN are enjoyed by many of our clients. We provide full-scale solutions, encompassing design, implementation and ongoing management.