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Network security

It is not just the Internet connection that poses a serious security risk to corporate networks. Do you pay enough attention to network security?


Tailored network security

We oversee everything your company needs for reliable security:

  • Analysis of the current situation, risk identification, recommended solution
  • Network security against unauthorized PC access
  • Secure Internet connection for guests
  • Biometric account protection
  • Management and user support


External network security – firewall

An Internet connection is a company’s gateway to the world. Yet without proper security it can also easily let outsiders find a way into the company.

The main pillar of corporate network protection is a properly configured firewall.

A firewall in both directions permits only selected Internet communication while recording all traffic.


Internal network security

Threats to corporate networks need not come only from outside; they may also exist internally. Many companies underestimate the internal risks, even though they are significantly higher.

Internal network security is a complex matter. It is not limited to information technology, but also requires the adoption of various other security measures.



We have set up network security for many of our clients. We have experience of different types of firewalls on various platforms.