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Lynk Sinc and Lynk Reach

Have you been thinking about new hospitality televisions? You have already known the right models and connections, but you are still not sure about the best hospitality solution for your hotel?


Samsung, the top-class producer of (not just hospitality) televisions, offers its clients tailor-made solutions: Lynk Sinc a Lynk Reach.


Lynk Sinc

Television is connected through structural cabling (IPTV) or coax cable over a special device that allows IPTV.


Lynk Reach

Television can be connected through coax cable or also structural cabling (IPTV).



Why you should choose Lynk Sinc / Lynk Reach  

Both Samsung solutions are user-friendly and offer hoteliers besides other things customizable user interface and central administration platform.  









At the beginning you can select the template for creating the structured menu and start “playing“ with photos and texts in as many languages as the hotel wants to present itself and its services. Both solutions offer up to 53 supported languages.

Upper bar is fully definable and you can pick out from the selection of applications that guests would welcome an access to. Weather information, arrivals and departures from the nearest airport, content mirroring, morning calls etc. should not be missed.

Lower bar offers SMART HUB – package of applications that are used by guests the most (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Picasa, AirTime, Netflix, Google Chrome, BBC News etc.). Again, you can show or hide any application from the offered selection.

Messages of several types can be sent on the television screen and groups with a specific TV channels can be created, groups for sending specific messages are also practicable.

If there is a possibility and the communication between TV system and PMS through interface can be implemented personalized welcome messages in guest’s preferred language can be sent, express check-out arranged or billing shown.

Next to these advantages you can enjoy the whole range of other functions and applications that will appreciate especially your guests. The Samsung development team improves the hospitality solutions according to needs and requirements of hoteliers and their guests.

Lynk Sinc and Lynk Reach are compatible with the array of hospitality systems, clients’ databases and also with systems and devices of third parties.


Our Reference

Both solutions are broadly used in international hotel chains and private butique hotels.

If you are interested in more details, no-obligation presentation or solution proposal for your hotel, please do not hesitate to contact us.