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Want to use your servers more efficiently and save money?


Tailored virtualization

We offer a full virtualization service:

  • Analysis of the current state of your IT setup
  • Drafting of virtualization options
  • Recommendation of the optimal solution
  • Implementation


Benefits of virtualization

Virtualization is a modern trend in IT, consolidating multiple computers into one physical machine with the more efficient use of powerful hardware. Virtualization is most often used for user workstations and servers.

If implemented correctly, virtualization offers many advantages.  However, a qualified professional should examine whether virtualization is appropriate for a particular establishment.

The main benefits of virtualization include:

  • Reduced hardware procurement costs
  • Lower electricity charges
  • Space saving
  • The increased efficiency of subsequent IT management



Our virtualization designs and arrangements for clients have given us in-depth experience in this field, where we specialize primarily in the virtualization of servers on Linux, Windows and ESX(i) platforms.