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Maintenance and upgrading

Is your network holding you back? Don’t forget to maintain and upgrade it.


We’ll keep your network in shape 

We can provide all-round care for your networks:

  • Regular maintenance of the network and active components
  • Software updates
  • Network upgrades

For a network to function properly and be used efficiently, it needs to be regularly maintained and upgraded. Only a stable, fast network will give your staff effective access to data. 


Network upgrades

Existing networks need to be adapted to technological developments and regularly upgraded. Upgrading a network usually takes place in several stages:

  • Analysis of the current state of the network
  • Identification of areas with insufficient throughput
  • Recommendation of the best development path
  • Project implementation


Network demands are constantly growing

As technology advances, technical capabilities evolve. There is an increasing volume of data that needs to be processed, with rising demands on the transmission capacity of networks.

In the space of the past 10 years, network velocity has increased by more than ten times.



We have extensive experience in the management and maintenance of networks. Our references include the design and implementation of networks, including subsequent maintenance and upgrades.