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IT for new hotels

Opening a new hotel and looking for a reliable information technology solution?


We offer comprehensive IT packages for new hotels

After analysing your needs, we will prepare a clear and coherent concept and arrange for its implementation:

  • A draft IT strategy, including implementation;
  • Project consulting and guidance at every stage;
  • Full-service support, including property management system support.


Property management systems

At most hotels, the core hotel IT is the property management system (PMS).

To run smoothly, property management systems require periodic care. Subsystems must be seamlessly interlinked and must communicate with each other correctly and effectively.


When should you contact us?

While cooperation can be established at any stage of the project, it is best to start drafting the IT infrastructure when the architectural design is still under preparation. In later stages of the project, it may be impossible to implement a concept precisely in line with all requirements.



We have long-standing experience of property management systems for hotels. Our clients include international luxury hotels, for whom we have designed information technology solutions, overseen project implementation and provided follow-up IT administration.

The high quality of our services and client satisfaction are best illustrated by the long-term cooperation we enjoy, which in most cases has been fostered since clients launched their activities


Case study

IT concept design including implementation and regular management


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