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Wireless networks

Interested in harnessing the benefits of wireless networks?


We offer made-to-measure wireless networks

We can design a solution for the installation of wireless networks tailored to your company’s requirements and capabilities to the maximum extent possible:

  • Analysis of the current situation
  • Wireless network installation design
  • Comprehensive solution implementation
  • Network configuration and subsequent maintenance


We offer IEEE 802.11-compatible wireless networks.


Benefits of wireless networks  

Wireless networks are very popular today, offering users several advantages:

  • The low cost of covering a large area
  • Aesthetic benefits
  • Liberation from cables
  • The capacity to connect multiple devices with ease

These days, all modern devices support Wi-Fi, and some cannot do without it.

Case study: Wireless Internet Access for Guests and Conference Facilities


Place wireless network care in the hands of professionals

Besides their raft of benefits, wireless networks do have certain pitfalls, such as their greater demands on network administration (connectivity), security, radio band configuration and the need to use tried-and-tested active components. 



Wireless networks are used by virtually all our clients. We have extensive experience of designing and installing wireless networks, including their subsequent maintenance.