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Ticket system

Are you lost in a number of tasks which should be solved in the company? Use a professional requirements and task management system.


Tailored professional helpdesk system

We offer modern helpdesk web-based system to significantly streamline administration and management of processes:

  • Streamline business processes, cost savings
  • Conclusiveness and clear responsibility for each of the given requirement and its solution
  • Complete overview and control over all of the requirements
  • Access to the system from anywhere (web interface, mobile phones)
  • Customization of the system to the client's requirements
  • Quick implementation in a matter of days if simple configuration
  • Local support from the provider


Use of the system

The system is developed to manage requirements in all areas where two or more parties with the relationship of the quest giver - solver are present.

The quest giver formulates the requirements to perform the tasks, services or other types of requirements, and forwards them to the solver for processing.



The system will hold up also under demanding conditions of continuous operations. If you are interested in more information and practical experience in using the system we will be happy to provide a specific reference.