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Data security

Are you looking for a way of efficiently ensuring the security of your company data?


Tailored data security

We oversee everything your company needs for the reliable protection of its data:

  • Analysis of the current situation and risk identification
  • Measures recommended to eliminate threats
  • Comprehensive backup solution
  • Data and resource access policy.

Data security is also closely linked to secure data disposal



Even the highest quality hardware can break down. If you pre-calculate the risk of data loss, the negative impact on the functioning of your company can be minimized.

We can help you with your backup needs:

  • Preparation of a backup plan
  • Backup according to effective methodology
  • Periodic testing of backup recoverability
  • Data recovery in case of a problem.



Data archiving is periodical process during which one creates copies of actual data and then saves them at the safe place. Periodicity as well as the selection of specific data group differs usually according to a client’s character and specifics.

To get an idea, imagine that the copy of all accounting needs to be created every month. These are usually saved for at least three years. It is recommended to keep some specific types of data for five or rather 10 years. Also, the related legal regulations have their important role e.g. Act no. 499/2004 Coll., on Archives and Records Service.

There are several technologies how to create and keep copies. Prior the choice of the most suitable one for a particular company it is necessary to considerate the economic point of view as well.

In general, to make sense of archiving it is essential to test the copies from time to time (on a regular basis) if they contain the needed data and if they are processable afterwards.

Unfortunately, a lot of laymen mix up archiving with backup. Backup primarily recovers data after hardware and software failures or human error. In addition, the amount of backed-up data is usually much bigger as it can include e.g. operating systems backups on servers or configurated applications.


Access policies for data security

The introduction of a data and resource access policy can reduce the risk of data loss, improve IT reliability and cut administration costs. However, the restrictions involved must not have a negative influence on the work of employees.

In the Windows environment, administrative domains are used. The inclusion of computers in a domain ensures the proper application of security policies and prepares workstations for use in a corporate setting.



We have been looking after the data security of our clients for many years. We provide full-scale security measures.