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Mailbox Security


Do you have all your login details sent to your e-mail address as well? Perhaps you don’t know about it, perhaps you just suspect it but this way you going forward to any potential cyber-criminal who is in 10 minutes able to get from your mailbox all login details that you had ever requested to be sent to your e-mail and never deleted them.


Cyber-attacker can do the Spear fishing or targeted attack within five minutes from logging into your mailbox. However, this is not just fault of servers that automatically send us the login data but mainly the regular users who don’t sort e-mails in their inboxes.


This problem doesn’t concern just computers and laptops but also our smart phones. Do you know anyone who logs out of e.g. Gmail in his/her smart phone? Anyone can take your phone and has immediate access to all your e-mails. Not to mention all other data as credit card details, online banking access, etc. saved in your smart phone.


We make it even easier for any potential attacker by using simple PIN or gesture lock screen that sometimes stays on the display. Another thing is using “weak“ passwords that we often – if ever – don’t change.


The most secure way for locking your smart phone display is the fingerprint reader now. In case of using the password for any device, one should always use unique combined password of about 10 symbols using small and capital letters, numbers and special symbols.


And what about your passwords? Have you already been thinking about them? Perhaps you think this can never happen to you… Unfortunately, the opposite is true and you never know when and where it can come from. If you would like to know more about not just e-mails security but also about data and network security, please do not hesitate to contact us.