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Case study

Wireless Internet Access for Guests and Conferences



Hotel (240 rooms) - requirement for solution of wireless internet access for guests in rooms and conference facilities. Our task was to design optimal solution and ensure full project implementation, including the installation of structured cabling, assembling and configuration of the system.



The client decided for the wireless internet access for the guests and conference rooms because the low cost of covering a large area, aesthetic benefits, liberation from cables and the capacity to connect multiple devices with ease.

Technical specification of the solution:

  • Router from MikroTik;
  • Supervising server brand SUPERMICRO;
  • Cisco switches located on each floor of the building;
  • UniFi wireless access points from company UBIQUITI;
  • Small rack located on each floor in which cables from each both access points, optical line to the main server room and also elements for power are connected.

The advantages of the solution are wide possibilities of network configuration and the opportunity to "fair" allocation among the users so that the line is used to maximum withnout risk of mutual limitation of users, e.g.during intensive downloading.




Example of management for wireless access points UniFi

(cut - map of signal coverage)






This solution saved the client 37% of the cost compared to competing offer.

It operates reliably - within a few months of full operation there was no failure; it is used frequently - in 1 day it serves up to 500 clients who download more than 90 GB of data. All without any problem.


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