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Fusion Platform

Are you looking for a reliable solution to satisfy all the needs of your guests in the area of internet, WiFi and IPTV?


Everything that hoteliers and guests want from the hotel network delivered through a single box

Fusion Platform is comprehensive solution which covers the most critical guest and staff applications as well as the hoteliers’ digital strategy needs, giving them full control over their network and services.

Fusion can serve one of four modules:

Why choose Fusion Platform

This is the only converged platform that covers the essential network and application needs for guests, visitors and hotel staff. It enables hoteliers to meet guest expectations effectively and cost-efficiently.

The solution combines the most advanced technologies for internet and connected TV. It is continuously developed in tune with rapidly evolving user needs.

The solution is interfacing with 120 hotel PMS, customer databases and also third party services.


References and quality guarantee

This system is currently used in 2,050 hotels with 259 thousands guest rooms worldwide. These are both the leading hotel chains and independent hotels. It supports 40 million unique sessions per year, 200 thousands concurrent users across different hotels, all of this with minimal outages.

If you are interested in more information, non-binding presentation or solution proposal for your hotel do not hesitate to contact us.

We are also providing hotels with comprehensive IT support and management.