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Are you considering a variation of the hotel TVs?
We recommend that you wait until the end of the year.


To the current transmission DVB-T will be added DVB-T2 from next year. Complete transition to the new network occurs probably at the beginning of 2021. Which TVs will be able to play the new transmission is not known yet, so if you are going to buy new hotel TVs, it is suitable to wait for the certified models.

Many televisions sold today in our country are unable to cope with a signal coding and HEVC. The TV image can be shredded or it will only hear the audio. Czech Radiocommunication are now testing devices (mostly from traditional brands) and they are planning to release a list of certified devices. The first types of TVs could be published already in the second half of September.

Now if you buy a device with DVB-T2/HEVC tuner without certification, unfortunately, anyone can guarantee that the device will operate properly. So if you want to be sure, we advise you to wait to buy after publication of the test results.

It's already certain that all the hotels await sooner or later complete replacement of TVs. If you need help, we will help you select appropriate models for you.