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Cortana from Windows is predicting results of football matches


Personal assistant Cortana is not only helping users in their work but she is also successfully predicting the results of football matches. You can meet her in English localization of Windows Phone 8.1 and soon also in the new Windows 10.


Meet the Cortana

Cortana is a personal assistant for Windows Phone and she was introduced also in the new version Windows 10. She is there to help users and inform them about important things.

With her help it is possible to call someone or send sms, set appointments and reminders in the calendar, write a note or play music.

She can also search the internet or just "chit chat" with the user. Control is possible with voice or in written form.


What can you say to Cortana - examples

According to Microsoft: if you are talking to Cortana, just be yourself - as if you are talking to a person sitting beside you. Here are some tips on what to say her and how she could help.


Chit chat

  • How old are you?
  • Tell me a joke
  • Where are you from?

Calling and texting

  • Make a call to John at home
  • Message Anna
  • Text Horatio Do you want to grab coffee this afternoon?

Calendar and reminders

  • Put swimming on my calendar for tomorrow
  • What do I have next?
  • Remind me to pick up my dry cleaning tomorrow
  • Remind me to water the plants when I get home


  • Will it rain this weekend?
  • Is it cold out?
  • What's the weather today?

Other questions

  • Who is the tallest woman in the world?
  • What's the status of Alaska Airlines flight 628?
  • Latest NBA scores?
  • Convert 60 dollars to yen
  • How many calories in a boiled egg?


In connection with the search engine Bing Cortana is going even further

However, this widespread use of Cortana is far from over. Microsoft announced her integration with Bing, which is successfully predicting results of different events. Bookmakers are desperate.

These predictions are created based on advanced analysis, data modeling, search trends and historical data and are very accurate.

For example last year Bing successfully predicted the results of the Scottish referendum, after that results of the World Cup matches (correctly predicted 15 of 16 matches).

Now, virtual assistant Cortana will bring these predictions also to Windows Phone 8.1 and football fans will get access to the latest tips of Bing after simple press of a button.


Would you like to use Cortana?

Cortana is now available mostly in English and only in some countries and regions. To use her also in Czech we still have some time to wait. But if you are interested in learning more about her, do not hesitate to contact us.


(Source: Microsoft)


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